Can you help us?

I am a CEO of a an SME. We want to assess development opportunities in France.
However, many people have spoken of the difficulties to start a business in this country.

Business Implicit can accompany you at different levels. To start with, we can help you fine-tune your project with a market research/partner search so that you can assess your real development opportunities in France. You will then have a choice of different means; from full implementation of the market research to a lighter version, consisting of general advice, putting you in relation with other companies or helping you gather additional information.

Once real potential has been identified, we can also assist your company in the evaluation phase of the project, its strengths and its risks.

Finally, once you’ve made the decision to launch the project, we can help you prepare your team to assimilate working with their French counterparts (see intercultural training) , but also to facilitate your paperwork, simplify your logistics, etc (See Business Services)..

Does Business Implicits have any services to offer to me?

I am Indian, having worked for the last 20 years outside India – 4 years in Dubai, 14 years in the U.S. and have been in France for a year. Although, I can speak the language a little, I feel that I am yet to understand the working culture.

Business-Implicits has coached various expats and international teams in multi cultural management so that they can be more productive in their new environment.

Did you know that a newly recruited CEO usually takes an average of 36 months in order to attain 70% efficiency at the new job?

The lower echelons may take longer if they do not get the right accompaniment. After a diagnostic, we will work with you to achieve maximum efficiency at the shortest possible time, all the while integrating the cultural aspect. Send us a short description of your need to Guillaume LeMarchand at guillaume.lemarchand@business.implicits.com

Can you put me in connection with certain companies ?

Can you put me in connection with certain companies?

Our trademark 5D methodology helps our customers get the right fit at the shortest possible time. We would first undertake a free diagnostic of your strategy and need.

Once the companies have been selected, we will then set up a face-to-face meeting and accompany you all the way. We also follow up customer references in order to help us assess the quality of your interventions. Moreover, if during one of our projects, a specific action requires your expertise, we will contact you directly to work with us on the subject.

Please send us a mail @ melanie.borchet@business-implicits.com if you have a specific project.

Is it not a bit late?

I have worked with India for 10 years and know the country well. I visit India almost once a month. However, I have some problems working with the new Indian team. Inspite of my long term dealings with local population, I am unable to resolve the various issues that have suddenly risen. I’m thinking of undertaking a cross-cultural training to better understand some cultural issues that may impact the Indian situation.

Do you think it is good idea?

Intercultural training always brings added value, no matter when you take it. Before getting to work with the country, you will learn to understand its culture and the common do’s & dont’s. However, if you already know the area well, we will help you to decrypt what you have seen but not yet formalized. So in absolute terms, it can be especially beneficial.

Nevertheless, depending on your situation, it may or may not be the solution to your problem. Indeed, if 15 years ago, Intercultural was totally ignored by the companies, the trend today is to reject everything on issues of cultural differences. Business Implicit proposes to go further by working with you on your current issues to identify areas of care related to intercultural and those linked to other strategic issues, such as organizational,…

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