B-I Advisory

Business Implicit has developed a dedicated council center to bring aid and support to complex projects.
With the BI Council methodology, our teams enable you to develop solutions best suited to your context and your constraints.

Business Implicits

Example – French company acquired by an Indian company

A) Context : An Indian company is in the phase of buying a French company in the electronic sector.

B) B-I Advisory Interventions:

  • Assistance to the Indian Executive Committee for communicating and working efficiently with the French Directors
  • Change Management Consulting
  • Facilitation of bi-cultural workshops on company culture
  • Elaboration of an easy-to-use guide for Indian managers arriving in France

Our teams are involved in different sectors, both with small and medium enterprises as well as international groups.

Quality, timeliness and confidentiality: B-I Advisory team’s 3 key commitments to accompany you in your business project.

Mail : bi_conseil@business-implicits.com // Tel : 01 70 19 06 81